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The original Royal George Hotel was built in 1912 by G.L. Bury, and was one of the first main hotel establishments on the Sunshine Coast. After a horrendous fire which hit Nambour Curry Street in 1924, the building was rebuilt. In the mid-1950s another blaze took on the second floor, and the whole structure was rebuilt in the style it is to be seen as today. Over the years, the RGH has ben known in the region as the friendly pub, the Worker Man's Hotel (cane cutters, mill workers...). The Royal George Hotel always has been and still is an iconic landmark for the town of Nambour. 

The Laing Family

The Royal George Hotel has been family owned and operated since the year 2000 by the Laing family. Known over the years and throughout the Sunshine Coast for their generosity, sponsoring many junior sporting teams and events, as well as senior sporting clubs, the Laing family's motto has never changed: 

 "Buy Local, Support Local".

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